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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a fantastic opportunity for young people to develop skills for life.

twenty3 extreme are very proud to deliver the Adventurous Journey section of the Award at Bronze, Silver and Gold.

twenty3extreme kids teambuilding


The Award is highly valued by employers and universities as completion requires determination, commitment and discipline. The Adventurous Journey section requires students to be resilient and independent, as well as demonstrating teamwork and overcoming physical challenge.

The mountains of Oman are the perfect environment to complete the Adventurous Journey. The increased elevation means the Journey can be completed throughout the school year, as temperatures are up to 15 degrees cooler than at sea level.

Our staff have excellent knowledge of the areas to help each group plan a route with the right amount of challenge.

Safety is always our top priority. We will provide supervision for all of your teams, and ensure checkpoints are always fully stocked with water.

To help students prepare for their Adventurous Journey, we can come comprehensive training programmes, covering key areas such as navigation, campcraft, nutrition and kit preparation.

For schools visiting from further afield, we offer packages with acclimatisation and R&R days, so students get the most out of their experience visiting Oman.

We have trained IA Supervisors & Assessors on our team who can either be responsible for assessing your team, or work with assessors on your teaching staff to provide support and supervision.

For more information about the Award, please visit the International Award website.

Well planned and executed

The team made sure we were all well-looked after, including the staff, while challenging the children to take risks and think about things in new ways. Everything from the accommodation to the activities was well planned and executed and perfectly suited to the needs of the pupils.

Doha British School

Fun and Excitement

There was never a moment over the week where the team hadn’t organised activities, games or discussions to keep the children engaged, learning and most importantly having fun. It was pleasing to see that in among the fun and excitement during activities, the children were learning important values such as team work, resilience and how to come out of their comfort zones.

Royal Grammar School, Guildford in Qatar

Highly Professional

Working with Bex, Justin, and the crew at 23Extreme has been fantastic. Their communication with me both before the trip as well as during the trip has been excellent, and their organization completely supports our mission of providing safe, challenging, and educational trips for our students.


Fantastically Organised

It was another fantastically organised week on your part and the professionalism and energy shown from the staff was amazing. It really felt like the company is going from strength to strength. We certainly came back tired in a content way and the children have learned a lot about themselves - as have we (about them!).

Sherborne Qatar


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